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PROPEL® Orthodontics is a developer of innovative orthodontic devices and systems which aim to revolutionize how teeth are moved. In 2010, PROPEL Orthodontics developed the PROPEL® System, a novel treatment that is relatively painless for the patient and can be performed in minutes by the treating clinician.

This procedure, developed by university researchers, called Alveocentesis™, stimulates alveolar bone when orthodontic force is applied to teeth. As a result, bone is remodeled more efficiently, subsequently reducing treatment time by 60% or more.

Our process is patient-focused, creating ways for Orthodontists to give the most efficient and effective care. The PROPEL System can be used in conjunction with any orthodontic treatment system including, but not limited to Invisalign or brackets.

PROPEL Orthodontics is rapidly expanding its position within the dental market with many more products and treatment options to be introduced in the near future.


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