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what are 3-d printed braces?

It's no secret that 3-D printers have been changing the game in a lot of industries. Orthodontics is no different and here is why:

Designed specifically for your teeth and your mouth!

Aesthetically pleasing!

There is no inaccuracy whatsoever!

Treatment can be less than a year!


This is all because these braces are 3-D printed to fit the exact shape of your smile. 


Dr. C will scan your smile and create custom designed braces that will fit the exact shape of your unique smile.


The braces are positioned in the proper place along with a wire for the most accurate and efficient treatment available.


Do you like colorful braces? Do you want a more natural tooth colored look? 3-D printed braces give you the option to create a bright, vivid, and colorful smile, or a more natural tooth colored style. It's all up to you!

see if 3-d printed braces are the right fit for you
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