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laser treatments

Diode lasers offer an extremely precise, pain-free method for treating oral soft tissues (gums, frenum and other tissues surrounding the teeth). For this reason, these lasers are finding their way into today’s top orthodontic practices, such as Walla Walla Orthodontics; helping our doctors manage common soft tissue problems associated with patients in braces, including:

  • Laser-facilitated access for bracket placement

  • Gingivectomy - to reduce gummy smile, improve gum esthetics, or improve access for oral hygiene (see video below)

  • Esthetic gingival recontouring - following the removal of braces

  • Exposure of impacted or unerupted teeth (see video below)

  • Frenectomy - to manage space between the upper incisors

  • Operculectomy - to remove irritated flap of tissue behind lower molars

  • Fiberotomy - to reduce the tendency for shifting of teeth following orthodontics

  • Treatment of aphthous ulcers and herpetic lesions

  • Exposure of TADs (temporary orthodontic anchorage devices)​


example animations

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